Why You Need A Professional Lawn Care Service in 2021

With the new year finally upon us, it’s time to start considering our lawn and landscape goals for 2021. Last year was a wild one and many people just want to take it easy this year. What better way to enjoy the year than not having to do any yard work but still be proud of your outdoor spaces. At Ferta-Lawn we have years of experience and can take the burden of lawn care off your shoulders. Take a look at all the services we have to offer. fertilizing lawn

Lawn Fertilization

Every yard is unique in its own way. Even though you and your neighbor have the same grass type your soil is different. Soil is made up of many different nutrients at varying levels which affects how your plants grow. Knowing what kind of fertilizer you need to use can be hard if you haven’t performed a soil test. At Ferta-Lawn, we can take the guesswork out of fertilization and keep your lawn looking green and healthy all year long. Our six-step lawn care program is tailored for your lawn and guaranteed to improve the look of your yard.

Aerate Your Yard

Sometimes there are patches in our yard that won’t green up no matter how much we water or fertilize the area. If you are having trouble getting your grass to perk up, there may be another underlying problem: Company soil. Over time, the walking and mowing we do in our yard take a toll on the soil underneath. When soil gets too packed together it can deprive your grass of precious nutrients and water. This causes your grass to turn brown and act like it is dehydrated. To alleviate compacted soil and to prevent it, you should get your yard aerated. An aerator is a machine that punches thousands of tiny holes into your yard to allow water, air, and fertilizer to flow back into the roots.

Disease Control

As warm temperatures return in spring, so do problems that affect Utah lawns. Lawn diseases are common in our state and can affect your yard at different times of the year. Knowing the signs early can help prevent costly damage to your lawn. Here’s a list of the most common spring lawn diseases we see in Utah.

  • Pink Snow Mold
  • Gray Snow Mold
  • Melting Out
Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs are the focal points of your yard; They tie everything else together. Trees and shrubs are investments that you want to stick around for a long time. Trees provide many benefits including shade in the summer, a place for wildlife to live, and they clean the air. Mature trees can actually increase the value of your property. For how valuable they are, you should really pay more attention to them. 

Dormant Oil

There are a lot of pests out there that feed on your trees and some of them can cause a lot of damage in large numbers. When your trees are infested with insects it’s time to turn to dormant oil. Dormant oil is applied in the spring to the bark of trees to kill overwintering insects and any eggs they laid. Dormant oil can eliminate aphids, mealy worms, thrips, whiteflies, mites, and scales. deep root fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization

When you fertilize your trees with traditional surface fertilizers it takes forever to reach the root zone. Not only that, but most of it leaches into the soil or is stolen by other plants with shallow root systems before your tree even gets it. This problem is solved with deep root fertilization which is a high-powered injection of fertilizer right into your tree’s root zone. No more waste, no more stolen nutrients. Results are almost immediate and will harden your tree against pests, drought, and diseases. 

Call The Experts At Ferta-Lawn

Here at Ferta-Lawn, we know Utah lawns. Our lawn care program and pest control services are designed to meet the needs of the greens in our area, providing you with the best care possible.

Do you still need to get something for Christmas? Why not the gift of a stress-free year not having to worry about lawn care?

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Tree Care

We have over 25 years of caring for nature’s finest resources, trees. Regardless of what is plaguing these beautiful lawn ornaments, Ferta-Lawn has the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure their successful growth.

Additional Services

Weed, insects, and other pests destroying your yard? We have the sprays to eliminate whatever is wreaking havoc on your lawn, including insect control, weed control, and perimeter sprays.

Lawn Care

Obtain the lush green lawn you deserve without spending all your valuable free time on yard maintenance. At Ferta-Lawn, our expertly trained technicians understand Utah lawns. We will care for and treat your yard as if it were our own.

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