Spring Lawn Pests In Utah

Achieving a beautiful lawn is the goal of every homeowner in Utah, but there are constant dangers that threaten our yard. The most destructive of those threats are lawn pests. No matter how much time you spend caring for your lawn or laying fertilizer, pests can upend any long term goals you had for your lawn. As with most lawn problems, catching them early is key to helping your yard make a full recovery. Here is a list of the most notorious lawn pests found in Utah.


Grub is the larvae of beetles like Jug bugs and Japanese beetles. If left unchecked, grub can cause massive amounts of damage to your lawn and cost you lots of money to repair. Grubs feed on the roots of your grass in the spring and early summer. They emerge as adults in June and July to feed, mate, and lay a new batch of eggs. Grubs also attract the attention of skunks, raccoons, and moles that can do even more damage to your lawn as they feed. If you have a severe grub problem, it is best to get the advice of a professional lawn care service before too much damage is done.

Army Worms 

Armyworms are caterpillars of a grey moth and are usually have green, yellow, or brown stripes. Bermuda grass is their food of choice, but gardeners beware, armyworms can lay waste to vegetables like beans, corn, peppers, onions, and others. 

Chinch Bugs

First signs of chinch bug damage are small round patches of brown grass that seem to appear overnight. Your instinct may be to water the area but if it doesn’t green up there might be a bigger problem. Chinch bugs feed on your grass and deprive them of water which cases them to suffocate and look like they need to be watered. As they feed, the circles of dead grass grow bigger and bigger which can be difficult to repair.


Craneflies are commonly mistaken for a giant mosquito, but these insects are harmless to humans. Their larvae, also known as leatherjackets, hatch in the fall and feed on all parts of your grass until they retreat underground to overwinter. In the spring, they re-emerge and continue to feed on your lawn until they reach the adult stage. 


Like the grub, billbugs feed on the roots of your grass blades, but they also eat the stems and leaves. Billbug damage presents itself in July or August, with discolored grass and brown patches. Since billbugs live in the thatch layer of your grass, it is a good idea to aerate your lawn to discourage further infestations.

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