Salt Lake City

Lawn Care in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is a place where residents honor their outdoor surroundings, from magnificent views of the Wasatch Range to personal backyard sanctuaries. Since 1983, Ferta-Lawn has revitalized and maintained picturesque yards and commercial properties by providing friendly, superior lawn care services by local professionals licensed through the Utah State Agriculture Department.

Our lawn care services in Salt Lake City include:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Lawn aeration
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Insect control
  • Perimeter pest control

Whether you want to maintain a show-stopping lawn, resurrect neglected grass, or live the luxury of a pest-free home, our 6-step lawn care program is here to help.

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Lawn Fertilization in Salt Lake City

If you want an all-encompassing lawn care service that keeps your grass durable, healthy, and vibrant all season long, our lawn care program is the perfect solution. Our personalized program includes multiple rounds of nourishing your lawn with our custom-blended fertilizer, specially designed for your Utah grass.

Lawn fertilization services in Salt Lake City include:

  • Expertly timed applications of our custom-blended fertilizer, starting in early March and running through late fall.
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to keep your lawn pristine all season.Optional recurring services.

Lawn fertilization is the hero behind revitalizing dull, lifeless lawns and strengthening its resilience against weeds, disease, and damaging insects. Call today for an expert lawn assessment!

Lawn Aeration in Salt Lake City

Lawn aeration is the process of breaking up compacted soil and thatch to create pathways for your grass to receive water, air, and nutrients essential to its successful growth. Your lawn is in desperate need of lawn aeration if:

  • Water is pooling in your yard.
  • Your turf is plagued with dead spots and thinning grass.
  • The ground is extremely compact and hard to dig through.

Ferta-Lawn offers both core aeration and liquid aeration services to align with our promise to meet your lawn care needs with solutions that are best for your grass, specifically.

Perimeter Pest Control in Salt Lake City

Pests have a nasty talent of making the most beautiful spaces hard to enjoy. Rather than tolerating incessant buzzing, biting, and damage to your yard, our perimeter pest control service keeps bugs from crossing into your abode with an effective perimeter spray applied around your home’s and property’s foundation.

Our perimeter pest control spray prevents:

  • Seasonal pests from ruining your lawn and disrupting your outdoor enjoyment.
  • Insects from entering your home with a protective insect control barrier.
  • Grub and billbugs from eating your grassroots and reversing your lawn care efforts.

Professional insect control lets you enjoy your space without being startled out of your serenity by a cockroach scurrying across your floor or a parade of ants invading your kitchen.

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Tree Care

We have over 25 years of caring for nature’s finest resources, trees. Regardless of what is plaguing these beautiful lawn ornaments, Ferta-Lawn has the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure their successful growth.

Additional Services

Weed, insects, and other pests destroying your yard? We have the sprays to eliminate whatever is wreaking havoc on your lawn, including insect control, weed control, and perimeter sprays.

Lawn Care

Obtain the lush green lawn you deserve without spending all your valuable free time on yard maintenance. At Ferta-Lawn, our expertly trained technicians understand Utah lawns. We will care for and treat your yard as if it were our own.

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