Are you tired of your yard being a burden rather than a beautiful and enjoyable outdoor space? At Ferta-lawn, we believe in providing you with the necessary services needed to transform your lawn into a place you’ll love. With our customized blend of micronutrients and humates, we offer a range of lawn and tree care services, from lawn fertilization to weed spraying and prevention, insect control, and more. Let us help you create the best lawn in Ogden and enjoy your outside living like never before.

Lawn Care in Ogden, UT

Welcome to the best local lawn care company in Ogden, UT! With almost 30 years of experience, we know how Ogden’s unique climate can take a toll on your lawn. That’s why our team of experts offers a comprehensive six-step program for lawn care, including core aeration and seeding, weed control, and disease treatment. Our lawn fertilization services ensure that your grass stays healthy from the roots up, and our free inspections guarantee that we’re providing the best care possible. Plus, our tree and shrub care keeps your ornamentals looking great year-round with trimming, pruning, and fertilization. Let us take care of your lawn so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautifully maintained yard.

Our 6-Step Lawn Care Program

Get ready for the ultimate lawn makeover with our six-step lawn care program in Ogden! We understand the frustration of dealing with brown spots and thinning grass in your yard. That’s why we offer a comprehensive lawn care program that guarantees a healthy, vibrant lawn all year round. Here’s what our program includes:

  • Early Spring to Late Fall Application – Kicking off in early spring with a complete fertilizer, weed killer, and pre-emergent for annual summer weed prevention, we set the foundation for a flawless lawn.
  • Late Spring Application brings out the best of your lawn’s vibrant appeal and eliminates unwanted weeds.
  • With Our Early Summer Application, we continue to maintain durability and dynamic color with additional broadleaf weed-killer.
  • Late Summer Applications tackle any remaining weeds with a targeted, spot-spray approach.
  • Early and Late Fall Applications repair summer damage, promote root growth and increase turf strength to prepare your lawn for a winning start in early spring.

Let us show your lawn some love all year round! Our team of experts will work tirelessly to ensure that your lawn is healthy, beautiful, and vibrant.

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Weed Control in Ogden

Looking for weed control services in Ogden? Look no further than Ferta-Lawn. We understand how frustrating persistent weeds can be, and we have the expertise and tools to get rid of them. Our year-round weed removal services ensure that your lawn is always velvety smooth.

  • Our pre-emergent weed control creates a barrier on top of the soil, preventing weed seeds from growing roots and sprouting.
  • Our post-emergent applications eliminate existing weeds like dandelion and thistle.

Say goodbye to the most common persistent weeds local to Ogden, UT, with our lawn weed service. Prevent weeds from germinating and taking over your lawn with our proven weed treatments. With our weed control in Ogden, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Lawn Aeration in Ogden

Is your lawn looking lackluster and thin? Don’t sweat it – Ferta-Lawn is here to save the day with our expert lawn aeration and seeding services in Ogden. Our proven mechanisms promote healthier turf and provide long-lasting results, so you don’t have to worry about pesky weeds and excess thatch ruining your beautiful yard.

Our core aeration technique breaks up ground compaction, creating greater rooting and deeper nutrient release for your soil. This allows for optimal absorption of air, water, and nutrients – making your lawn velvety smooth. Say goodbye to browning or thinning grass, and welcome the lush greenery you’ve been dreaming of. Trust our lawn aeration service to revitalize your lawn and give it the love it deserves.

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Perimeter Pest Control in Ogden

Our insecticide perimeter treatment in Ogden serves as the ultimate first line of defense. Keep pests off your property with our year-round barrier system, designed to make your home a pest-free zone. The most common pests in Ogden include:

  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Earwigs
  • Millipedes
  • Roaches
  • And More!

Early summer signals the start of our foundation spray, a preventive measure to stop pesky insects, such as spiders and aphids, from entering your territory. Keep your summer stress-free with our summer foundation sprays for the ultimate pest control between early July and August 30th.

As the temperatures drop, spiders seek shelter in cozy homes. Don’t let them invite themselves in. Our final foundation spray between mid-September and mid-October ensures that spiders, earwigs, millipedes, roaches, and other household pests stay outside.

Protect your home today! Say goodbye to unwanted pests with our expert pest control service in Ogden.

Grub & Billbug Control

Say goodbye to grubs and billbugs and hello to a gorgeous green lawn with our top-notch grub control and bill bug treatments in Ogden. We know how frustrating it can be to see those brown patches ruining your perfect lawn. That’s why we offer the best grub inspection and highly-effective grub treatments to get rid of those pesky grubs and billbugs.

No need to worry about harmful chemicals because our grub treatment is family and pet-friendly. Plus, our expert team knows how to prevent those unwelcome guests from coming back, so you can say goodbye to those annoying critters for good.

Tree Care in Ogden, UT

At Ferta-Lawn, we know that trees and shrubs improve not only the value of your home, but also our environment. That’s why we offer full-service tree and shrub care to ensure their health and endurance all year long.

Our personalized approach to tree care means we understand that every tree and situation is unique. We take the time to meet with you individually and customize a personalized solution that is right for you. Our expert services include year-round tree and shrub care, as well as fertilization to help keep them healthy and vibrant. We specialize in handling common tree diseases in Ogden, UT like:

  • Anthracnose Tree Fungus
  • Aspen Leaf Spot Disease
  • Coryneum Blight Tree Fungus
  • And more!

erta-Lawn, your trees and shrubs will be treated with the care they deserve. Experience our top-notch tree and shrub care in Ogden today!

Deep Root Fertilization

Are you tired of seeing your once-beautiful trees and shrubs struggling to survive? Let Ferta-Lawn’s deep-root fertilization come to the rescue! Our deep root fertilization specifically targets the root system, providing a balanced mix of nutrients for sustained health and growth.

But what about those stubborn insects that just won’t go away? Our dormant oil treatments, applied in the early spring, not only exterminate existing insects and their eggs but also create a barrier to prevent future infestations.

Trust us, your neighbors will be jealous of your lush, healthy ornamentals. Don’t wait – schedule your deep-root fertilization and dormant oil treatments with Ferta-Lawn today!

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Tree Care

We have over 25 years of caring for nature’s finest resources, trees. Regardless of what is plaguing these beautiful lawn ornaments, Ferta-Lawn has the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure their successful growth.

Additional Services

Weed, insects, and other pests destroying your yard? We have the sprays to eliminate whatever is wreaking havoc on your lawn, including insect control, weed control, and perimeter sprays.

Lawn Care

Obtain the lush green lawn you deserve without spending all your valuable free time on yard maintenance. At Ferta-Lawn, our expertly trained technicians understand Utah lawns. We will care for and treat your yard as if it were our own.

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