Lawn Care in Bountiful, UT

Ferta-Lawn has helped the city of Bountiful live up to its name by providing local, friendly lawn care services since 1983. Whether we’re working on a residential lot or a large commercial property, we treat every lawn like a personal project.

Our 6-step lawn care program has become known as the ultimate solution to lackluster yards. It’s planned based on your turf’s specific needs and begins with a property assessment by our knowledgeable professionals, who are licensed through the Utah State Agriculture Department.

 Our lawn care services in Bountiful include:

  • Weed control.
  • Disease control.
  • Tree and shrub care.

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Lawn Fertilization

Your lawn goes through a lot. Other than enduring endless foot, paw, and wheel traffic, it gets regular wear and tear from harsh weather, lawn disease, weed invasions, and pests. Regular lawn fertilization replaces the nutrients taken by these greedy nuisances and is essential to any lawn care regimen.

Lawn fertilization plans in Bountiful include:

  • Seasonal applications of our custom-blended fertilizer containing micronutrients and humates.
  • A personalized lawn fertilization program that works best with your grass and provides effective weed control. 
  • Apply a complete fertilizer paired with a pre-emergent to prevent summer weeds from taking over. 
  • Optional recurring services. 

Lawn Aeration

Seasonal core and liquid lawn aeration allows water, oxygen, and other lawn care necessities to reach your grassroots by loosening build-up, known as thatch, on your lawn. Without lawn aeration, the thatch layer covers your soil and shields it from receiving the nutrients you worked so hard to put in during lawn fertilization. 

Signs that your turf is in need of aerating include:

  • Dirt that’s tough to dig.
  • Spongy, ununiformed grass.
  • Soil not absorbing water or water pooling in your yard.
  • Browning/thinning grass.

Perimeter Pest Control

Keeping up on lawn care is the best way to keep pests and insects at bay. But there are times when perimeter pest control is needed to keep Utah’s multi-legged critters from wreaking havoc on your grass and entering your home. Ferta-Lawn’s perimeter pest control programs safeguard your property by using insect control products and sprays around your home’s exterior.

Perimeter pest control in Bountiful include:

  • A targeted treatment to remove pests that routinely pose a problem during that given season. 
  • An insecticide is applied along the windows and base of your home’s exterior to ensure pests stay outside, where they belong.
  • Grub and billbug prevention is included to target the larvae notorious for causing dead patches and bare areas in your lawn.

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Tree Care

We have over 25 years of caring for nature’s finest resources, trees. Regardless of what is plaguing these beautiful lawn ornaments, Ferta-Lawn has the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure their successful growth.

Additional Services

Weed, insects, and other pests destroying your yard? We have the sprays to eliminate whatever is wreaking havoc on your lawn, including insect control, weed control, and perimeter sprays.

Lawn Care

Obtain the lush green lawn you deserve without spending all your valuable free time on yard maintenance. At Ferta-Lawn, our expertly trained technicians understand Utah lawns. We will care for and treat your yard as if it were our own.

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