How To Get Rid of Lawn Weeds in Utah

Springtime in Utah is filled with outdoor activities. This is the time of year we start dusting off the lawn care equipment and start preparing our yards for spring. One of the very first steps in spring lawn care is eliminating weeds. Weed seeds deposited the previous fall will germinate when the temperatures rise. It’s important to strike fast and get weeds early before they take over your yard. 

Common weeds in Utah

Weeds can easily crowd out your grass making it thin and weak. Weak grass is an open invitation for pests and lawn diseases to sneak in. Being able to identify and spot weeds is key in weed control. Here’s a list of some common spring weeds in Utah you might find growing in your yard this year.


clover in lawn

Clover is found in almost every yard across America. It’s a low-growing perennial weed that attracts rabbits and bees. While it isn’t the worst weed to have in your yard, it can ruin the uniform look you are aiming for. Clover thrives in acidic soils or soils with low nitrogen levels. Keeping your lawn fertilized with a fertilizer containing slow-release nitrogen may keep clover at bay. You can also reduce your chances of clover by adding lime to your soil to bring your pH levels up to the 7.0 mark.


Chickweed loves high fertility soils and thrives in soils with high levels of nitrogen. Chickweed can be identified by its five petaled flowers arranged in a star pattern. It drops seeds in the spring that germinate in the fall which can remain dormant in your soil for up to a decade! Chickweed does well in moist, poorly drained soils and weak, thin lawns. The best way to get rid of chickweed is by pulling by hand. It has a shallow root system and is easily removed.


Henbit is easily recognized by its tiny pink flowers that grow in rings near the top of the plant. It grows in moist and shady areas of your yard. It often grows in places where grass struggles to grow such as under trees and shrubs. Henbit is also edible and can be consumed fresh or cooked. Henbit can be used in teas, salads, soups, wraps, or green smoothies. It is actually a very nutritious herb high in iron, vitamins, and fiber. The secret to fighting against henbit is simply proper lawn care techniques; Creating a strong, dense lawn through proper fertilization, mowing, and irrigation.


Dandelions are one of the most notorious weeds in Utah. They are the most annoying and obnoxious weeds in our lawns because of how fast they can grow and reproduce. Dandelions are tricky and seem to know we are after them. When you mow the lawn, dandelions usually pop right back up the very next day. This is because they have tough stems and will bend instead of cutting if your blades aren’t sharp. These weeds can also self-pollinate and the slightest breeze can send thousands of seeds sailing across your lawn.

Can weeds cause lawn damage?

Weeds can damage your lawn indirectly by causing lots of other problems. The first thing you should understand is that weeds are stronger than our grass. They can grow faster and tolerate stress a lot better. Once they have established themselves in your yard they can be hard to get rid of. Weeds can weaken your yard and open your lawn up for lawn diseases and drought.

How to get rid of weeds from your lawn

The best way to get rid of weeds is through preventative action. A healthy lawn is a weed free lawn. By ensuring your lawn is properly fertilized, watered, and aerated your grass should grow nice and thick. Thick grass prevents weeds from germinating and creates a stronger defense against pests and diseases. Another way to combat weeds is to apply a pre-emergent weed killer in the spring to eliminate weeds before they germinate.

How weed control services can help

Homeowners can only do so much when it comes to weed control. As the season progresses lawn weeds can get out of control if you haven’t been actively fighting them. That is why the best lawns in Utah are treated by a professional weed control service.

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