Fall Insect Control

Insects are not just a spring and summer issue like most people tend to associate them with. During the fall, insects find themselves seeking shelter inside your home. Places like cupboards, laundry rooms, and basements will be filled with the corpses of those creepy crawlers who find their way into our homes and then die in the process of looking for food. 

When you’re pulling out the holiday decorations from the storage room, it would be great if it wasn’t followed by being frightened by six-legged friends. That’s why fall insect control is so important to get a head start on. However, insect control needs to be regularly scheduled in order to optimize its effectiveness for your home.

First Steps

After you’ve tackled early summer control with foundation spray number one, before July, you should have a good base control level that will keep insects at bay. This part should be done so early in the season to ensure that there is time to fit in the other two treatments before the fall weather is in full swing.  

Before Fall 

When you’re midsummer and soaking up the last bit of heat before it’s time to think about fall weather and lawn care, there is probably a myriad of spiders, ants, and wasps around your outdoor space that are making it a bit harder to enjoy. This is where the last application before fall comes in, with an insect foundation spray

Fall Is Right Around the Corner

Now that we have some background insect control, we can finally start approaching the fall season treatment methods that will stop these pests from getting into your home. During the early fall times (usually late August to mid-October), you will want to have your outdoor area sprayed with another round of insect foundation spray to get one last layer of protection for your home. Before the cool temperatures come is best, so that these creepy crawlers have no reason to get into your home.

Ferta-Lawn Can Tackle Pests for You!
Why worry about ensuring that your property has to be controlled for insects when you can hire the insect control experts at Ferta-Lawn? You can take more time to enjoy your life and soak up that last bit of summer sun while we tackle your insect problem for you before it starts affecting your home. 

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Weed, insects, and other pests destroying your yard? We have the sprays to eliminate whatever is wreaking havoc on your lawn, including insect control, weed control, and perimeter sprays.

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