Winter kill is devastating for our Utah lawns.

Winter Kill: What it is and How to Prevent it in Your Lawn

The term “winter kill” is the general reference to winter lawn damage that results in the death of your grass. Every winter, there are several different causes of winter kill that must be monitored and treated. Here are a few of the most common causes of winter kill in our Utah lawns and how you can prevent them.

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Your 2020 lawn care checklist should include weed control so you can keep dandelions out of your yard.

Take Care of Your Lawn With This 2020 Lawn Care Checklist

Having a beautiful lawn is an important goal for homeowners everywhere. With the new year upon us, you can set your lawn up for a good year by keeping lawn care on your mind. Here are a few tips so you can develop the perfect 2020 lawn care checklist. Give your lawn a year of attentive care and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy, radiant lawn.

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