Best Spring Tree Care Tips for Utah Homeowners

To homeowners in Utah, trees are more than a decoration. They are a part of what makes your home a home. Trees can provide clean air, shade, and enjoyment for generations. Mature trees can even increase the value of your home. At Ferta-Lawn, we understand how valuable trees are to you and your family, which is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips to keep your investments healthy. Trimming and Pruning Spring is a good time to prune and trim your trees. Trimming helps promote tree health by removing ugly or dead branches and allows the tree to… Read more »

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Spring Lawn Pests In Utah

Achieving a beautiful lawn is the goal of every homeowner in Utah, but there are constant dangers that threaten our yard. The most destructive of those threats are lawn pests. No matter how much time you spend caring for your lawn or laying fertilizer, pests can upend any long term goals you had for your lawn. As with most lawn problems, catching them early is key to helping your yard make a full recovery. Here is a list of the most notorious lawn pests found in Utah. Grub Grub is the larvae of beetles like Jug bugs and Japanese beetles.… Read more »

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Spring lawn care services from Ferta-Lawn help your lawn start its year as healthy as possible.

Spring Lawn Care Tips to Start a Healthy Year for Your Utah Lawn

Spring lawn care in Utah is an important first step in maintaining a healthy lawn all year. If the lawn suffers any stress or setbacks during the spring, the results can be dramatic. An unhealthy start to the year is a set up for an unhealthy rest of the year. Here are a few essential spring lawn care tips to help give your Utah lawn a healthy start to the year.

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Winter kill is devastating for our Utah lawns.

Winter Kill: What it is and How to Prevent it in Your Lawn

The term “winter kill” is the general reference to winter lawn damage that results in the death of your grass. Every winter, there are several different causes of winter kill that must be monitored and treated. Here are a few of the most common causes of winter kill in our Utah lawns and how you can prevent them.

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Your 2020 lawn care checklist should include weed control so you can keep dandelions out of your yard.

Take Care of Your Lawn With This 2020 Lawn Care Checklist

Having a beautiful lawn is an important goal for homeowners everywhere. With the new year upon us, you can set your lawn up for a good year by keeping lawn care on your mind. Here are a few tips so you can develop the perfect 2020 lawn care checklist. Give your lawn a year of attentive care and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy, radiant lawn.

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