Take Care of Your Lawn With This 2020 Lawn Care Checklist

Having a beautiful lawn is an important goal for homeowners everywhere. With the new year upon us, you can set your lawn up for a good year by keeping lawn care on your mind. Here are a few tips so you can develop the perfect 2020 lawn care checklist. Give your lawn a year of attentive care and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy, radiant lawn.

Lawn Fertilization: The Right Nutrients at the Right Time

In order for your grass to grow thick, lush, and healthy, it needs specific nutrients at the right time. If your lawn doesn’t get these nutrients, or if you give it to them at the wrong time, then you’re leaving your lawn open to a number of issues. Pests, diseases, fungus, and weeds love to invade a malnourished lawn. Getting the nutrition right helps prevent these problems and many more.
Part of your 2020 lawn care checklist should be a consistent lawn fertilization program to keep your grass happy and fed.
Adding lawn fertilization to your 2020 lawn care checklist is essential. Start your fertilization schedule in the spring with a nutrient-packed, slow-release fertilizer to help your lawn wake up after winter dormancy. Summer fertilization makes your lawn more durable by fortifying it against summer stress. In the fall, help your lawn prepare for winter dormancy by using a nutrient-rich fertilizer that boosts root growth.

If you want to be sure you’re using the right fertilizer at the right time, then invest in a lawn care program from the experts at Ferta-Lawn. Nobody knows Utah lawns better than us.

Weed Control: An Aggressive Approach for a Weed-Free Lawn

The next essential item to add to your 2020 lawn care checklist is weed control. Eliminating and preventing weeds from infesting your lawn gives your grass a stress-free environment to grow. Aggressive and persistent weed control ensures your grass has full access to the nutrients, space, water, and sunlight it needs to flourish. Keeping the weeds out of your lawn also boosts your lawn’s immune system, protecting it against pests, lawn disease, fungi, and more weeds.

Keeping control of the weeds in your yard requires persistence and proper planning. Start the year off right by using a pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring. This prevents the seeds of overwintering weeds from sprouting. Follow that up with regular spot-treatments of post-emergent herbicides throughout the spring and summer. In the fall, you’ll see a second bloom of broadleaf weeds. Using broadleaf weed control to knock those out helps ensure your weed control next spring is even easier.

Liquid Aeration: The Essential Refresh Service

Finally, liquid aeration needs to be added to your 2020 lawn care checklist. A year of heavy use can be tough on your lawn, especially with the high heat and drought conditions throughout the summer. Compacted soil develops over the year and causes many problems for your lawn. Compacted soil restricts water, nutrients, and air from reaching the roots. It also restricts root growth because the soil is too hard. Luckily for us, liquid aeration can solve these problems.

To solve countless lawn problems and help refresh your lawn, aeration is the answer. Liquid aeration is the process of using a special liquid to loosen up the soil. This service immediately relieves your lawn of soil compaction while also breaking up your excess thatch and boosting the activity of beneficial microbes in the soil. Water, nutrients, and air can pass through the loose soil, down to the roots below. Aeration allows the roots of your grass to grow freely, spreading out and diving deep to strengthen your turf.

Ferta-Lawn Can Help You Complete Your 2020 Lawn Care Checklist

If you want to complete your 2020 lawn care checklist and have the healthiest year of lawn care, then it’s time to call Ferta-Lawn. Investing in our 6-Step Lawn Care Program ensures your lawn gets the fertilization and weed control that it needs. When paired with our core aeration service, your lawn will be healthy and beautiful all year long.

Let’s get started. Call us today at (801) 295-3057 or contact us here. Head over to our blog for the latest tips and tricks in lawn care. For early access to our most recent offerings and news, follow us on Facebook.

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